About the Muddy

Infographic describing governance structure of the Muddy.

The Pub is well integrated into existing MIT infrastructure and interacts with multiple entities that all strive maintain the well-being of the Pub. Foremost, the Pub is overseen by the Board of Governors. The Board primarily consists of graduate students but also counts faculty, postdocs and other MIT staff as members and is run by an Officer team consisting of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board of Governors ensures that the Pub’s finances remain sustainable in the long-term and that the Pub continues to serve the MIT community.

The Board shares close ties to the MIT Graduate Student Council (GSC), as it was originally founded as a GSC activity. The Chair of the Board thus serves as a voting member on the GSC Executive Committee and the GSC President serves as Ex-Officio member on the Board. This structure guarantees both an oversight mechanism through the general student body and further allows the Board to engage in issues of general interest to graduate students.

In addition, the Board is closely connected to multiple entities that are run under the umbrella of the Institute, including MIT Facilities, MIT Campus Activities Complex, the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE), and MIT Dining. Especially MIT Dining plays a crucial role in the Pub’s strategic financial planning, as it oversees and co-manages the financial accounts of the Pub, and is the holder of the liquor license. Together the Board and MIT Dining employ the Pub manager and the student bartenders.

The Pub manager is in charge of all day-to-day business, catered events organized through the Pub, accounting, and personnel management. Furthermore, the Pub manager prices beverages and snacks such that the annual revenue is sufficient to cover all recurring operational costs including personnel, maintenance and beverages. In addition, the Pub generates a minimal annual surplus that is stored in a reserve account to ensure liquidity and financial independence of the Pub. This account is used to cover larger repair or renovation costs.

As the Institute provides the bar space free of rent and the Pub is operated on a non-profit basis, the Pub is thus able to sell beverages at affordable student prices.

Additionally, the Board receives funding through ODGE Graduate Student Life Grants, which the Board uses for the hosting and organization of events series.

Muddy Charles Pub Board Minutes

Minutes of recent Muddy Charles Pub Board meetings are available here. Contact the Muddy Charles Pub Chairman for less recent minutes.

Giving to the Muddy

The Muddy Charles has an alumni gift account that supports community building initiatives at the Pub. To make a gift to the Pub, please contact the Muddy Charles Pub Chairman.

Global Press

The Muddy Charles Pub has received global exposure as a place where science is always brewing.

The Economist article (clippings on the Muddy walls).

The Globe mentioned the pub in 2007 as well as in 2004 (scroll to #20 in article)

Scott Kirsner mentioned the pub and monthly Muddy mondays when he interviewed on the TV program High-Tech Fever.

The Venture Cafe features the Muddy in a book.